Steam Hunt 6

Steam Hunt 6

I am new to treasure hunting in Second Life, but it has quickly become my favorite past time.  I was about half way through the hunt when my account was hacked but as soon as I get my account back I will put up some pictures of the amazing things made by the crafters of Second Life…all for finding a little gear in their shop!

Hopefully I will be back in SL soon!! *cries a bit*


It has been a terrible past 24 hours not knowing if I will get my account back. The small fortune I have tied up in it…I think if they don’t give it back to me I probably won’t return. I am not sure how it happened but I was logged in yesterday and I get this notice saying I am being logged out because I am attempting to log in somewhere else. I was able to pull up my acct on the internet and see that two attempts were made to buy lindens but thankfully denied ….because I am broke lol….but then I noticed my password and email were changed and I got notification of a new name…Your Second Life Name is:

Hadley Rothmanay

Go to the following page to login.


Linden Lab and the Second Life TeamLinden Lab and the Second Life Team

Then I got this….
This email acknowledges that your email address sapphira31@yahoo.com has been changed to mirco@mailnesia.com.

If you did not authorize this change, please contact support at https://support.secondlife.com

TALK ABOUT A SINKING FEEILNG IN YOUR CHEST…I have worked hard on that accout and was busy with many things…over 20,000 items..my property, my meeroos! I contacted Linden Labs within a half hour I think and they put a block on my acct and told me someone was logged into it. So because it was the weekend there was no one to review the incident..I had to send them a copy of my license and now I wait. I hope they can see proof that is is my acct and I get it back today….